Fig Pie

So, last year was a very good year for my fig trees (1 turkey & 1 either a celeste or alma).

  • I canned figs.
  • I canned fig preserves and strawberry-fig preserves.
  • I made fig jam.
  • I made fig jelly.
  • I canned fig syrup.
  • I made and canned ‘fig meat’ to use to make homemade
    ‘fig newtons’ (which I still haven’t done btw).
  • I also gave ice chests full of figs away and what I
    couldn’t give away I froze in gallon zip-lock bags.

Now here I am, nearly a full year later and I still have a freezer full of figs and the fig trees are already full/loaded with baby figs!

What’s a Manure Queen to do?

I’ll tell you what a Manure Queen does…. she googles fig recipes.

I found one here at Nancie McDermott’s blog that looked simple enough, so decided I had to try it!

Here are a couple of pictures getting it ready for the oven:

 figgy goodiness
Figgy Goodness ready to combine with sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt

 ready to bake
Ready to bake with plenty of steam vents

This sucker is in the oven for a little while longer, I’ll edit and add pictures of the final product after the timer goes ‘ding’! 


Hot from the oven!
Hot & Bubbly!

Cooled just enough to get a slice!

Come to Mama!

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