Things that make me go hmmmmm

So my youngest daughter and her husband are closing on their second home tomorrow. I’m still not really sure why they are putting their first home up for rent (since God knows you can’t sell a house in these days of Nobamics) and moving nearly an hour away from there. They *say* it’s because they are tired of living in a small town near a military base because of all the nut jobs (yes… they were ON Ft. Polk the day the *alledgedly* crazy army psychologist *alledgedly* shot, wounded and killed all those soldiers… yes there were in lock down with their baby and three year old) but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s because I’m a terrible grandmother.

Well, not *terrible* but ‘terrible’. Is it my fault that pre-adolescent boys that try to shoot cats with projectiles piss me off? That I lose it when said pre-adolescent boys *explain* they do this because they don’t *like* cats? Is it because I asked these same pre-adolescent boys what I should do to them since I didn’t particularly *like* pre-adolescent boys? That maybe I should just find an appropriate projectile to send their way?

I’m still not sure. But then, maybe that’s why I’m not invited to the housewarming……

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