New Years Day 2011

In keeping with one of my many New Year’s Resolutions I’m blogging today. Today is a groddy day again, much cooler though; at least the Rose Bowl Parade is on (and commercial free on HGTV) and there are hopefully a couple of *good* football games on at some point today.

It’s one week from tonight that Change Of Plans premieres on FOX @ 8pm(EST). I already have the DVR set to record it just in case something happens and I’m not near a television next Saturday night. Of course Joe Flanigan being in it is the main reason I’m looking forward to watching this family friendly movie (back-end pilot), but, it looks like it will be a cute, fun thing to watch regardless. I’m also trying to win the viewing ‘bundle’ that OurKidsMom is offering at her blog; check it out.

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