Well, it’s been a few months, so spank me. Please. Just kidding. But I *have* been horrible about blogging over the last year and a half. For some reason life always seems to get in the way =S I promise; I’ll try to be more consistent. And yes, I hear you laughing in the background. But a flea market find of all things has inspired me. At least it’s not another recipe. But, a new project always seems to be inspiring; besides keeping my hands busy. Besides what else am I going to do while I download a website & forum database backup, ftp all the files for upgrading said website & forum, and run the upgrade scripts? Anyway, last Friday I spotted two awesome wrought iron rockers (not sure whether you’d call them ‘fan backs’ or ‘peacock backs’, they sorta look like the latter to me) and I knew with a bit of cleaning up and some pretty seat cushions they’d look fabulous out on the deck.

My Find
My Find

Of course the husband didn’t care for the idea and came up with all sorts of excuses. “We came up here on the four-wheeler” I reply “We can go back and get the truck” “They won’t fit in back of the truck… not with the cover it has” I reply “So… we have a trailer we can hook up to put them on” “I don’t feel like doing all that” I reply “So, fine. I’ll wait till you go back to West Africa on Sunday, and *I’ll* come back and get them!” He throws his hands up in the air and moves to the next vendor down the row as the lady sitting at the cash register bursts out laughing. Since the flea market is only open Thursday through Sunday I had to wait till today to run back up there in the truck. All the while hoping someone else hadn’t beat me to the punch errr purchase. Luckily, no one had. When I walked into the place the vendor started laughing; remembering the exchange she had witnessed on Friday. I made a good deal on them, loaded them up and brought them home. The have a few rust *stains* but no actual rust and I figure a bit of rubbing with some fine steel wool will take care of that; then a fresh coat of some Rustoleum Spray Paint will freshen them right up. Of course I’ll have fun hunting down some outdoor seat cushions for them at this time of the year, but maybe I’ll get lucky and find some on close-out/clearance.

After scrubbing, repainting & adding cushions

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