A Long And Winding Road….

is exactly what it’s been since my last blogpost. Between the husbands sextuple bypass surgery in May, his recuperation time, Amanda’s (my oldest daughter) wedding quickly followed by Morgan’s (aka MoJo – my youngest daughter) graduation in Dallas, TX, and the Neshoba County Fair in July, a trip to MoJo’s in August, a trip to Atlanta to see Mom in September, then the husband’s visit the first part of this month and my computer crashing…

…….it’s been like riding drag on a cattle drive around here with all the dust kicked up. I need to find that pair of rose-colored glasses and super-glue them to my face I ‘reckon.

And believe me when I say that no matter how smart my ‘smart phone’ is it will never replace a computer for emailing and blogging. I’ll be extremely happy when the new macho-machine arrives and I can get back to coding to my hearts content. Hopefully said ‘macho-machine’ will ship next week after all the requested customizations ordered have been completed

That’s all for now as my cell phone signal is iffy out here in the boonies.

Author: Eq4bits

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