My Two Bits

Repurposing A Thrift Store Coffee Table into a Bench

Several years ago I purchased a coffee table and two end tables at a thrift store for $75.00 for all three tables. Since then, we’ve moved to our home on the lake and the tables just didn’t ‘work’ here. I’ve had the coffee table at the foot of my bed as a pseudo bench, but the black wrought iron frame and reddish wood top just looked fonky. I had been looking around on the web for a *real* bench to put at the foot of the bed, one that would go with my tufted leather headboard. But, after seeing the prices… then the shipping charges… there was no way I would be going that route.

That’s when it dawned on me that I could use the coffee table! Repaint the frame to coordinate with the metal wall art above the headboard, and pad, cover, and tuft the top of the table to coordinate with my headboard; and all for less than $100.

  • 2 cans Rustoleum/Krylon Hammered Brown Spray paint ($4.50/each)
  • 1 can Rustoleum/Krylon Hammered Metallic Copper Spray paint ($4.50)
  • 2 yards (I ordered 2x what I actually needed just in case) chocolate faux leather ($44.00 – including shipping)
  • 1 foam twin mattress topper – 1-1/2″ thick ($19.99)
  • Twin flat sheet ($0 – had an extra already)
  • 10 1-1/2″ cover buttons ($6.20) (already had the template & tools)
  • 1 – 6″ straight upholstery needle ($1.5)
  • 1 coffee table ($0 since I already had it)

First I flipped the table over, and unscrewed the 10 screws to remove the table top from the frame, then, using my spray paints painted the frame and allowed it to completely dry.


While the drying was going on I measured, marked and measured again, on the ‘back’ side of the table top where I wanted the button tufts to be located.  In this instance I wanted two rows of four buttons.  Using a 1/2″ bit in my drill I then drilled the eight holes I needed.


Next came the foam and sheet.  The sheet, doubled over, then the foam, then the upside down table top.  I trimmed the excess foam from the ends, leaving enough so that it would wrap the edge completely.


Next, I sat in the middle of my project, literally, and starting at the corners began pulling, wrapping and stapling the sheet and foam to the bottom side.  I used 5/8″ upholstery staples in my staple gun. Then trimmed the excess material.


Here’s the new bench top prior to adding the faux leather and tufting buttons.


Almost done! Just needs faux leather, tufting, and buttons!

Almost done! Just needs faux leather, tufting, and buttons!

I had to wait a couple of days for my fabric to be delivered by UPS.  But, once it arrived I lay the fabric good side down, put the bench top top-side-down, then once again sat in the middle of my project and trimmed excess fabric then began at the corners with the stapling.

fabric down

fabric on

I think covering the buttons was the hardest part, resulting in mashing my thumb a couple of times, here’s a quick picture tutorial of button covering 101:



Maybe I should take that back, doing the actual tufting/securing the buttons may have been the most physically challenging aspect.  I used a long, straight upholstery needle, waxed upholstery thread, and my handy-dandy staple gun.  Starting from the back/bottom side I stuck the needle (w/approximately 18″ of thread doubled through the eye) through each of the pre-drilled holes, up through the padding and fabric, then through the button shank.  To secure the button I passed the needle through the shank a second time, then poked the needle back through the fabric and padding and ‘roped’ the hole (usually by the third time of ‘feeling’ about with the needle point).  Tightening the thread to where the button would be flush with the top of the bench I then shot a staple near the hole and threaded both the ‘tail of thread’ and the needle under the staple and grasped all four strands of thread tightly.  Using my other hand I pushed on the button, mashing it down as far as I could while pulling the threads on the other side as tightly as I could.  That done I wrapped the thread through and around the staple a couple of more times then knotted the thread several times, trimmed the tail a couple of inches past the last knot and stapled it to the wood.

Now try that seven more times…..

If you do, you end up with a new bench:




AFTER another

Things that make me go hmmmmm

So my youngest daughter and her husband are closing on their second home tomorrow.  I’m still not really sure why they are putting their first home up for rent (since God knows you can’t sell a house in these days of Nobamics) and moving nearly an hour away from there.  They *say* it’s because they are tired of living in a small town near a military base because of all the nut jobs (yes… they were ON Ft. Polk the day the *alledgedly* crazy army psychologist *alledgedly* shot, wounded and killed all those soldiers… yes there were in lock down with their baby and three year old) but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s because I’m a terrible grandmother.

Well, not *terrible* but ‘terrible’.  Is it my fault that pre-adolescent boys that try to shoot cats with projectiles piss me off?  That I lose it when said pre-adolescent boys *explain* they do this because they don’t *like* cats?  Is it because I asked these same pre-adolescent boys what I should do to them since I didn’t particularly *like* pre-adolescent boys?  That maybe I should just find an appropriate projectile to send their way?

I’m still not sure.  But then, maybe that’s why I’m not invited to the housewarming……

New Years Day

In keeping with one of my many New Year’s Resolutions I’m blogging today.  Today is a groddy day again, much cooler though; at least the Rose Bowl Parade is on (and commercial free on HGTV) and there are hopefully a couple of *good* football games on at some point today.

It’s one week from tonight that Change Of Plans premieres on FOX @ 8pm(EST).  I already have the DVR set to record it just in case something happens and I’m not near a television next Saturday night.  Of course Joe Flanigan being in it is the main reason I’m looking forward to watching this family friendly movie (back-end pilot), but, it looks like it will be a cute, fun thing to watch regardless.  I’m also trying to win the viewing ‘bundle’ that OurKidsMom is offering at her blog; check it out.

New Years Eve

It’s groddy outside. Yes, I said *groddy*.

Because it is damp, sorta cool, sorta warm. I need to blow leaves but feel more like taking a nap. The Hubby called from Frankfurt about 2:30 this morning to let me know he’d landed safely… no word about taking off for the next leg of his trip =S.

Groddiness and nap-time aside, I was able to accomplish a bit this morning:
Got my own special homemade from scratch cornbread made (= health)
Corned Beef Brisket and Cabbage (= wealth) is simmering;
Hoppin’ John is simmering as well (black-eyed peas = good luck)

New Years Menu - Cornbread, Hoppin' John, Corned Beef, Cabbage, Rice

New Years Plate

Good Luck, Good Health, Good Wealth!

So I’m set for my midnight pea-party tonight even if I am having to spend it alone. It willl *not* turn into a pity party… unless I drink too much merlot…

This bottle of ‘Sweet Bitch’ is awesome… a Chilean Merlot; gives a sweet bite to your nose as you inhale right before experiencing it’s smooth, fruity flavor as it races over your tongue.

Sweet Bitch Merlot

Sweet Bitch Merlot

A Long And Winding Road….

is exactly what it’s been since my last blogpost =S

Between the husbands sextuple bypass surgery in May, his recuperation time, Amanda’s (my oldest daughter) wedding quickly followed by Morgan’s (aka MoJo – my youngest daughter) graduation in Dallas, TX, and the Neshoba County Fair in July, a trip to MoJo’s in August, a trip to Atlanta to see Mom in September, then the husband’s visit the first part of this month and my computer crashing… it’s been like riding drag on a cattle drive around here with all the dust kicked up. I need to find that pair of rose-colored glasses and super-glue them to my face I ‘reckon.

And believe me when I say that no matter how smart my ‘smart phone’ is it will never replace a computer for emailing and blogging. I’ll be extremely happy when the new macho-machine arrives and I can get back to coding to my hearts content. Hopefully, said ‘macho-machine’ will ship next week after all the requested customizations ordered have been completed.

That’s all for now as my cell phone signal is iffy out here in the boonies.

Rain, Rain, Went Away…

dooky….and now it’s a steambath outside. Not to mention soggy, soggy, soggy. My six year old grandaughter is visiting for the weekend so the planned weekend of playing in the dirt planting vegetable plants and seeds had to be replanned to Wii Super Mario Karts, brownie baking, painting pictures and playdough sculpting; and power napping for me. Crawfish Etouffe (one of my specialties) is on the menu for Sunday ‘dinner’.

Hopefully by Monday it will be dry enough for my dirt to be delivered for the raised beds. I still need to finish bed #2 and then place and assemble beds #3 & #4; maybe tomorrow that can be done.

Hopping Around South Mississippi


The radio reports are true.

Seems there’s a Kangaroo hopping around just to the south of me… no one seems to know where this Kangaroo came from. There are no ‘exotic’ ranches or zoo’s down here, and a Kangaroo isn’t exactly your normal ‘missing pet’. There is speculation that Hurricaine Katrina blew the poor beast in and that it’s just now regaining it’s strength to find it’s way back home Down Under.

After pot bellied pigs, emus, buffalo and all sorts of other strange oddities showing up at my place here, I won’t be at all surprised if I happen to look out and see ‘Katrina-roo’ hopping around my pastures, terrorizing the horses.

Hello world!

Not really sure why I decided to start blogging… I so rarely have anything to say about anything *cough*