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In My Backyard at Toledo Bend Resevoir

We had a huge (dead) pine tree taken down today and spent the afternoon cutting it up, burning, and cleaning the yard up from the bark, limbs and pine cones; just the usual mess involved with felling a tree.  While taking a break we noticed a very large bird up in one of the other (very alive) pine trees.  Couldn’t tell much about it with our old eyes so I ran inside and got the binoculars.  As we passed the binoculars around and got a good look at the huge bird the debating began.  Was it an Osprey or a young Bald Eagle?  So I ran back up the hill to the house and grabbed my camera (an old Sony ‘super SteadyShot 5.1MP digital with f=6.0-72.0mm 1:2.8-3.7 Optical12x/Digital12x zoom lens).  I zoomed to the max and got the following shots (these are SOOC/no editing) I think the first one is the best:

Young Bald Eagle 1

Young Bald Eagle

Young Bald Eagle 2

Young Bald Eagle

Young Bald Eagle 3

Young Bald Eagle

Young Bald Eagle 4

Young Bald Eagle

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