My Two Bits

A Long And Winding Road….

is exactly what it’s been since my last blogpost =S

Between the husbands sextuple bypass surgery in May, his recuperation time, Amanda’s (my oldest daughter) wedding quickly followed by Morgan’s (aka MoJo – my youngest daughter) graduation in Dallas, TX, and the Neshoba County Fair in July, a trip to MoJo’s in August, a trip to Atlanta to see Mom in September, then the husband’s visit the first part of this month and my computer crashing… it’s been like riding drag on a cattle drive around here with all the dust kicked up. I need to find that pair of rose-colored glasses and super-glue them to my face I ‘reckon.

And believe me when I say that no matter how smart my ‘smart phone’ is it will never replace a computer for emailing and blogging. I’ll be extremely happy when the new macho-machine arrives and I can get back to coding to my hearts content. Hopefully, said ‘macho-machine’ will ship next week after all the requested customizations ordered have been completed.

That’s all for now as my cell phone signal is iffy out here in the boonies.

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